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One of the essential shows of the London Design Festival 2013 – which is now in full-swing – is Designjunction. With three industrial floors showing the latest in contemporary furniture and interiors there are some dazzling and innovative products on display. MDKtm was at the preview launch and, amid the vast array of stunning designs, found these two Objects of Desire. The first is the Cowrie chair by Made In Ratio, elegantly shaped out of a single flat piece of laminated plywood. It’s also as comfortable as it is beautiful. The second is another chair with an innovative use of manipulated plywood. The Dent Stackable by Bla Station subverts the notion of machine perfection and shapes a 3D landscape out of the veneer, crumpling it like a sheet of paper. MDKtm

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Living on the edge.

Do you like to furnish your space with products so modern they were just a light bulb appearing above a designer’s head about a week ago? Then you know hunting along the high street just doesn’t cut it. Where do you buy that solid concrete kitchen, the rug like a wild lawn or that sofa shaped like a mountain range? From gasp-inducing avant garde to sensible simplicity, The Design Book is the ultimate coffee table catalogue of new products and where to find them. MDKtm

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Locked safe.

This elegant bike locking concept by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho and Yeo Min Gu is one of those rare product design moments when you wonder how a solution so obvious – now you see it – hasn’t been arrived at before. The saddle simply folds back over the rear wheel and a cutout section locks it. Quick. Simple. Done. Problem-solving design thinking of the highest order. MDKtm

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iPhone 5 schematics.

A new iPhone means new dimensions and, of course, that means third-party accessories need to be created to fit. Apple have just released the official schematics of the new iPhone 5 on their developer portal. Whether you are an accessories manufacturer or not, it’s fascinating to see a design that was recently so confidential being revealed in such exacting detail. MDKtm

Download the full (279k) blueprint pdf here

Virtual. Reality.

The Sony Personal 3D Viewer – or HMZ-T1 – is a newly-launched headset that allows the wearer to view a virtual 3D cinema screen over 63 feet wide. With built-in surround sound – and connections for 3D gaming – it promises an immersive experience. In a post-Apple design world, Sony have taken care to create a headset that looks like a tech must-have, hinting heavily at Hollywood depictions of virtual reality tech. Despite the Sci-Fi stylings, it still feels like an odd thing to be wearing. Still, all innovations seem odd initially and it’s the experience it promises to deliver that will really count. MDKtm

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Elevated design.

There is nothing MDKtm likes more than an elegant piece of product design. Especially if it’s one of those why-has-no-one-done-this-before / why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? moments. And even more so if it makes life neater and tidier. The new MiniDock by BlueLounge is one of those. Quite simply, it’s a plug-in dock that elevates your charging iProduct off the floor in an easily readable and grabbable position. No more tripping over wires. No more accidentally standing on your vulnerable tech. It’s as beautifully simple and as must-have as that. Why do people make wires anymore anyway? MDKtm

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