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Power generation.

Behind the Olympian displays of human energy at the London 2012 venues, how much electrical energy are the buildings themselves consuming? EDF are the official power suppliers to the games and they have created a website that displays power usage across all the iconic architecture in real-time. You can even rewind to see how much power was needed while the new stadiums were being built. Queue puns about the atmosphere being electric etc. MDKtm

Check out the power consumption at


It’s not unusual to see abandoned buildings with smashed windows in run down parts of a city. But it is unusual to see every window – all 312 of them – cracked and smashed in exactly the same way. This warehouse in Hackney, London is just a – erm – stone’s throw away from the Olympic Stadium and has been reborn as an art piece by Alex Chinneck. He painstakingly replaced all the windows with 1,248 identically broken pieces of glass, brilliantly regenerating the forgotten building by – ironically – destroying it even further. Sadly, the destruction becomes final in November when the warehouse is due for demolition. MDKtm

Telling the Truth Through False Teeth by Alex Chinneck is on the corner of Mare Street and Tudor Road in Hackney, London E9 7SN. Until November 2012. See

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