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The Dominus plus app is a starkly tech and deliciously incomprehensible clock for the iPhone and iPad. Reducing the day into a series of blinking dot grids, it’s more graphic experiment than a practical time-keeper but fascinating to stare at nonetheless. One of the best things about the app ecosystem are the small developers who are creating experimental downloads to play with. The market is all the richer for them and – at 0.99p – it’s a beautiful way to spend your time. MDKtm

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VHS, permanent marker on paper, 2010 VHS, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Video. Recorded.

These works by American artist Hollis Brown Thornton are real favourites of MDKtm. Pop, fun, nostalgic and produced honestly in permanent pen and acrylic, they reference outmoded media formats and bold eighties graphic design. What’s not to love? Everyone remembers a dusty jumble of video cassettes like this when format-wars raged between VHS and Betamax. I am obsessed by technological progress as symbolised by dead media formats. Each one is released as an optimistic leap towards an exciting future but ends up as dead stepping stone in the path leading towards something better. His work is – fittingly – also available in a range of formats, from inexpensive prints to paintings. What’s next to pave the dead-format road? Maybe it’s the end of the road. A painting of an mp3 may not quite work. MDKtm

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