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The Edit 001.

From must-have chairs to innovative storage, here are the interiors products that are exciting us this summertime. MDKtm

THE BOWL / Riflessi glass bowl, £12,
THE LAMPSHADE / CartOn C1 by Tabitha Bargh, recycled cardboard, £75,
THE ARMCHAIR / Kustom Armchair by Bark furniture, made to order,
THE STORAGE / Pallet Tall Drawer System by Joined+Jointed, £1,365,
THE CHAIR / Cowrie chair by Made in Ratio, shaped plywood, £2,000,
THE FLOORLAMP / Bobby floor lamp, £60,
THE PRINT / Ice by Howard Hodgkin, edition of 350, £1,000,
THE FRAGRANCE / Cut grass candle by The White Company, £16,

[05.06.13] Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. MDKtm


For their Beautiful Steps installation series, artists Lang/Baumann build daring staircases in surreal real-life situations. Certainly beautiful (and sometimes scary), installation #2 on the side of a building in Switzerland definitely leans towards the latter category. Vertigo sufferers look away now. MDKtm

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'Artists are good or bad, not fashionable or unfashionable. The tragedy of art today is that it is caught up in an empty fashion game that goes against the very nature of creativity, as artists are judged to be in or out, not for their merits, but their supposed buzzy immediacy.'

Jonathan Jones The Guardian

[09.10.12] Saatchi’s The Future Can Wait, London. MDKtm

'Art prices are determined by the meeting of real or induced scarcity with pure, irrational desire and nothing is more manipulable than desire… A fair price is the highest one a collector can be induced to pay.'

Robert Hughes Art critic


It’s not unusual to see abandoned buildings with smashed windows in run down parts of a city. But it is unusual to see every window – all 312 of them – cracked and smashed in exactly the same way. This warehouse in Hackney, London is just a – erm – stone’s throw away from the Olympic Stadium and has been reborn as an art piece by Alex Chinneck. He painstakingly replaced all the windows with 1,248 identically broken pieces of glass, brilliantly regenerating the forgotten building by – ironically – destroying it even further. Sadly, the destruction becomes final in November when the warehouse is due for demolition. MDKtm

Telling the Truth Through False Teeth by Alex Chinneck is on the corner of Mare Street and Tudor Road in Hackney, London E9 7SN. Until November 2012. See

Design. Covered.

Creative arts publishers Lawrence King are celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year. Firm favourites of the MDKtm bookshelf, their books on art, design and architecture are as beautifully covered as the subjects inside. Their latest must-have is the first ever book to be published on the American design icon Saul Bass. MDKtm

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Extended silence.

Firm MDKtm Art Project favourites Dorothy have created this witty 12 inch Extended Remix of John Cage’s iconic 1952 composition 4′33. Famously, Cage’s composition consisted of four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence which Dorothy have now ‘remixed’ and extended by another ten minutes. It’s another great idea from a design slash art collective that bristles with so many of them. MDKtm

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Death Spray Custom is an artist that works in that highly unique space in the Venn diagram where the circles labelled Art and Resprays overlap. His custom paint jobs add designer logos, ironic bite and desirable one-off status to motorcycles, BMX bikes, helmets, tools and other objects. Here – from his show Delight and Destroy – he has twisted the mixture of endorsement logos on racing car hoods to comment on branding and corporate sponsorship. MDKtm

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