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Pininfarina 75th Birdcage Concept, 2005 Pininfarina 75th Birdcage Concept, 2005

The con of concepts.

The blend of bleeding-edge design and technology in concept cars has always pumped me full of excitement and optimism. For decades they have given me dilated pupils – from the airbrushed illustrations of my teens to the photo-realistic CGI depictions of now. Millions are spent by automotive designers, technologists and engineers to show off and create these glimpses of the future. Yet it’s a future that never seems to arrive. Where are they?

Now, even I am not so unrealistic as to think that every family with children could use this Pininfarina concept. But look at the roads. This Pininfarina was created in 2005 and still there’s nothing like it on the streets. Surely, after decades of promise, the percentage of street cars that even hint at these optimistic visions should be higher. One Lamborghini per million utilitarian boxes is not enough.

Concept cars still drive me wild. But now they are starting to drive me wild with disappointment. I am realising they are just automotive porn and feel foolish being so optimistic as to believe the future could be so full of excitement and great design. But my disappointment with the makers of these concepts is the strongest. If they are so passionate as to be involved in creating these deceptions, why keep them only as deceptions? If they can’t actually realise their dreams then ours will never be realised either. MDKtm

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